If you loved the first ‘Kingsman: The secret service’ then you will love this film!

“Hilarious, this film won’t disappoint! Amazing action scenes & stunts. Love this film, hoping they make another one!”- lifeintheeyes.com

Jumping straight into the action, this film introduces you to the wider world of private spy-intelligence companies! The Statesmen,  the US cousins of the Kingsman, team up leading to some hilarious scenes and some great action sequences.


This films villain is certainly just as good as the film! Poppy,  has one of the most brilliant and extravagant lairs in any film, definitely making this films end scene spectacular. Her lair matches her evil scheme, similar to the first films style, this over the top plot doesn’t disappoint on any level! If you loved the first film you’re sure to love this film.


If you watched ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’  film and you still couldn’t get enough! you might be in luck! Without spoiling the film, the end scene has Agent Tequila dressed similar to the kingsman, entering the tailors shop! Is this the sign of the beginning of their next mission and kingsman 3? I hope so!


In summary the film is packed full of action and comedy with an extravagant plot, matching the same style that made the first Kingsman film so great! I highly recommend the watch.