If you are like me, and you are searching the job market for your next steps, you will know the feeling that interviews give you. That love-hate relationship. I love getting the opportunity to have an interview but dread the actually interview itself. People feel like this for many reasons, but one is because people love getting opportunities and that joy quickly turns to worry, nerves and often panic!

But don’t worry after these top tips you should hopefully find your interview experience more enjoyable, no not to far let say more comfortable.

1. Preparation

The interview process normally begins way before the actual interview itself. After you’ve had a reply and you now know that you have been invited to an interview, one of the best things to do is start by doing research. Once you’ve done that think of any possible questions they may ask you, and practice answers. If you are starting to feel comfortable  and confident with those steps look and see if you need to bring anything with you and make sure they are all prepared and organised well in advanced.

What helps me is writing down possible and suggested questions and go over them before I go into the interview on the morning of and night before.

2. Dress Code

Some people underestimate how important the dress code is, but the majority of people subconsciously decide if they like someone in the first 3 seconds of meeting them;  you wouldn’t want to start on the back foot just because you are dressed inappropriately. Normally the interview has a suggested dress code always follow the dress code! Remember, if you are unsure it is always better to be smarter than it is to be more casual. Although having said that dress appropriately if you are working outside then a suit may not be the best choice, always do you research!

3. More Preparation

This may sound silly, but the more preparation you do the more confident you will be when answering question and confidence is key when it comes to interviews.

4. Arrival Time

Plan your route carefully, checking before the morning of the interview! It is always better to arrive earlier than it is late, plan in time in case there is traffic or delay. If you do arrive early it shows that you are keen and enthusiastic as well as punctual and organised, which are great qualities to have and will be noted by your interviewer.

5. Stay Calm

Many times have I felt nervous or a bit panicked before going into and interview or preparing, and well, that doesn’t help anyone! Remember to stay calm and collected, if you make a mistake try not to get all flustered correct yourself and keep going, express professionalism and confidence as this may play to your advantage, making you seem more human and show how you cope when things don’t go to plan!

Remember you interviewer is only human, so don’t be intimidated, be polite, talk clearly and stay calm and your interview should go smoothly! Remember you cant do to much preparation!

Good Luck

The Job Hunter.