This summer I was lucky enough to spend a week holiday in Rome, Italy! Rome fast became one of my favourite cities in the world for so many reasons. If you’ve never been to Rome, the combination of the sun and humidity can be quite overwhelming when you first arrive, but if you’re prepared with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen; and you stay sun smart, you’ll soon get used to the heat. I would recommend a visit to Rome to anyone!

My quick pictures from all around Rome!


We left the airport and jumped right into the official white taxi queue (like London’s Black cabs but all different white cars). After literally taking the scenic route, we went out for lunch, the next time we stepped in a taxi was on the way back to the airport!

After unpacking our bags, we headed across the street into a quiet restaurant and sat outside to eat one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten in my life! The food definitely makes the experience. If you eat in restaurants and try real Italian home made Pastas and Pizzas you wont regret being a bit more adventurous than you would at home!

The food is amazing but everyone goes to Rome for the big attractions, and here are my personal favourites:

1. The Colosseum

It is a must see! When you think of Rome you think of  the Colosseum! It is great for photos, especially group and family photos, and is completely breathtaking when you stand so close.


It is so beautiful, it looks great for photos, night and day, and is worth a visit both in the night and in the day, if you want to go inside then that has to be during the day. To cut down a 2 hour plus queue then you can either book your tickets online before hand (to reduce it to around a 15 minute plus wait) or join a tour guide when you arrive.

Once you get into the Colosseum you can spend as long as you like inside. We decided to spend half the day inside and around the Colosseum, but kept coming back to take pictures and take in the scenery every once in a while. It really is a must see, even if you just see the outside!

2. The Roman Forum

Full of Roman ruins and rich in history, this is great if you are really into the historical side of Rome and the Romans.


Incredibly scenic, and beautiful you could spend a whole day here soaking up the history and the scenery. I would recommend bringing hats and sunscreen as it gets very hot with little shade or cooling areas at all. The scale of this place is unbelievable and is quite amazing when you are walking amongst it all. Like the Colosseum you do have to pay to get inside but it is worth it!

3. The Trevi Fountain

Has to be in one of the busiest piazzas in the whole of Rome, night and day this place is packed. I completely understand why!


As you can see, it has to be one of the most beautiful and well kept sites in all of Rome, tucked in between relatively modern housing. The site is so well kept you aren’t allowed to sit on the fountain edge, even for a quick photo! It is constantly monitored by several police to insure that you do not sit on the fountain.

If you can find any space in the hustle and bustle then it is great to just sit and take in the beauty of this magnificent fountain.

4. The Pantheon

The worlds largest un-reinforced dome building and it was built in 126 AD! This is a real shock when you find it, I’m not going to give the surprise away but if you ever visit or have visited you will know what I mean when you first see it!


The Piazza the Pantheon is in has got a few restaurants and if you can find a table to have dinner then you are in for a treat! Great food, amazing scenery and a fantastic atmosphere quickly lead to one of the best evenings I experienced in Rome.

5. The Piazza Navona

This is one of the most beautiful and quite piazzas I visited. It was only 2 minutes away from the Hotel Genio (highly recommended) and has fantastic scenery and plenty of restaurants and street activity to enjoy. The night we eat out here was definitely one of the best nights in I spent in Rome.


So if you are going to Rome, these are the places I would personally recommend visiting, there are other locations like the Spanish steps and the Vatican city, but please make sure before visiting you have checked the dress requirement as in certain churches and in the Vatican a dress code is necessary to enter.

Enjoy the trip and go explore!

The Holiday Maker.

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