So, you’re thinking of going to university, or maybe just curious about going? Well first things first is: why are you going? There are loads of reasons why people go to university and some reasons are better than others, but why you are going is the most important question. If you are struggling to find the answer to that question here are the top 5 reasons why people go to university:

1. To Further Improve Your Career Opportunities

If this is your answer then that is one of the best reasons to go to university!

There are other ways of improving employ-ability but, If you are one of the lucky ones and you know what you want to do when you’re older than this is one of the best ways to further educate yourself in your desired field. Not only will you have enough knowledge to help you start your career but it will leave you with a network, which is incredibly important in the working world.

2. Leaving Home

Honestly, if this is your main reason to go to university you may need to reconsider.

There are plenty of different ways to move out of your parents house that are more affordable than going to university, especially if your tired of A-levels and being taught. Look at it this way, at this moment in time, the average debt a student leaves university in the UK is £50’000 and rising! Imagine what you rent for that kind of money! If this is you I would recommend exploring all your options, renting, work, apprenticeships….

3. Because Everyone Else Does

More people than you think fall into this bracket, do you?

In the UK during GCSEs and A-levels the goal we are always told is to study so we can go to university, and it seems to be the normal path the majority of people take. Well, that doesn’t make it the right decision for you. Everyone is different and has different goals and capabilities, so don’t just go with the flow, ask yourself if you are going because you want to or because all your friends are?

4. You enjoy learning

If you enjoy a certain subject and want to pursue it then, who is stopping you!! That is another perfect reason to go to university! You never know learning about what you enjoy may even lead you onto finding a job or career in the field that you love.

5. To Party

All I am going to say is, that is one expensive party and you can party without having to go to university. Also, there are other ways of meeting new people!

Remember there is no rush to making the decision there is no age limit to university. Don’t make the wrong decision because you are being pressured by School, Family, Friends or College! It’s not the end of the world if you change your mind as there is always next year and you can always transfer, or dropout. There is always another option.

Be brave and don’t be afraid to take your time and make a decision that’s right for you!

The Student.